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Monday, September 29, 2014

Cigarettes Tiger Rug

A tiger rug made of 500,000 cigarettes is and art project by Chinese artist Xu Bing as a part of Tobacco Project that was presented at Tobacco Project at the Museum of Fine Arts Virginia.

Renowned artist Xu Bing for over a decade obsessed with a keen interest in the tobacco industry, and his latest creation is a testament to his phenomenal dedication to the subject. It took him half a million cigarettes to decorate a huge hall of the Museum of Fine Arts Virginia pattern in the form of orange and white striped tiger skins. So the author reinterprets the role of cigarettes in the world today, turning tobacco into art.

This Tiger Rug is a part of an extensive art project Tobacco Project, which examines the culture and manufacture of tobacco products from the point of view this strange contemporary Chinese artist.

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